The Munching Queen - Premium ready-to-eat cracker

The Munching Queen- Snacks presented by combining traditional recipes of Indonesian crackers like kerupak bawang (Onion Cracker)and kerupak udang (Shrimp Cracker) with a variety of spices.
Currently, there are 2 variants of the Munching Queen in our store, Crunchy Onion Crackers with caramelized corn and Parmesan flavor and Premium Prawn Crackers with sauteed Balinese spices. These crackers are one of the greatly loved crackers in Indonesia. It has stood the test of time and remains a much-loved product.
Munching Queen is a contemporary snack that is yummy, practical and safe for consumption of all ages. Beside having this as a munching snack while watching TV, it is also suitable to be served as a complement to main meals. You will never regret to try it out.
Have you ever tried the sweet sensation of caramel combined with the delicious parmesan? Come on, try Snack Munching Queen onion cracker variants of caramelized corn & parmesan. The crackers are freshly cooked with Sunflower oil with no MSG and color additives added. The sweetness of the caramel combined with the savory parmesan makes you relax even more perfect. This variant is suitable for all ages. 
For shrimp crackers, just trust the munching queen. Made with 100% selected fresh shrimp and other premium ingredients, plus spicy Balinese spices, this cracker is definitely perfect for snacking during sleepy hours because the spiciness will make you awake. Spicy and sour taste lover definitely must try the exciting taste, it makes you unable to stop snacking.