LEMUNGSURe Blarak Coconut Sugar Granule

In Bahasa, Blarak, is known as dried coconut leaves that usually used by the villagers as torch or ignition in burning stoves. The product being named as Blarak as it provides an example of the benefits that are given at the end of life by providing light and encouraging enthusiasm.

Blarak Coconut Sugar Granule is one of the products processed traditionally by the Indonesian coconut farmer. This granule coconut sugar is from coconut trees, processed naturally using traditional method by harvesting the coconut nectar, collect the quality liquid Sap and placed under heat until most of the water evaporated, then ground and filtered the sugar. The process eliminates hazardous chemicals making it safe for consumption. It is a 100% pure coconut sugar without adding flavor additives and preservatives.

Blarak coconut sugar granule is your kitchen pantry star. It can be used as a sweetener stirring into coffee or tea, used for baking, as a dessert ornament sprinkled on top of pancakes or waffles, or used to brighten up savory recipes like curry fish, rendang chicken and etc.

By buying this product, you are helping to protect the environment and help the life of coconut farmers. You may not know from the extract of coconut flower to production, all the farmers were assisted by the LEMUNGSURe Leaning Center. The existence of LEMUNGSURe is to empower the farmers to improve their resilience by providing a comprehensive solution to produce coconut products in a regenerative way, connecting the local farmers to the market while addressing ecological issues such as deforestation, water scarcity, degraded land/soil, etc. Through purchasing of the product, we believe it can help to transform the lives of local farmers. Their livelihood and the environment will be improved through the support of LEMUNGSURe’s regenerative agriculture & transparent supply chain. 

All Blarak Coconut Sugar come with a “Meet Your Farmer” QR Code at the packaging. This is a program created by LEMUNGSURe with a purpose to help customers to trace source of material, the farm location and the hero behind who harvested the product.

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